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Laser - BBL & Moxi

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is clinically proven to address the visible signs of aging skin - including age spots, sun damage, redness, and more.

Light therapy is utilized and delivered to help provide a more rejuvenated, brighter, and refreshed appearance, with results in as little as 14 days.

Forever Bare BBL

Laser hair removal that's quicker & more effective - Forever Bare BBL is here to help!

With a gentle laser that only targets the pigment within the hair shaft & not the surrounding tissue, it's suitable for all skin types & can be used anywhere on the face or body.

Forever Clear BBL

Interested in getting rid of your breakouts for good? Forever Clear BBL is your new best friend.

Suitable for all skin types, Forever Clear BBL targets bacteria & redness to clear your skin fast, without the side effects that come with other acne treatments.


MOXI is a treatment that everyone needs!


Providing mild resurfacing, this no downtime laser can treat all skin types and can be done any time of the year.  It helps with minimizing pores, melasma and all over skin rejuvenation. 

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